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  ID 2500

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At a Glance

More and more, law enforcement organizations are beginning to add palm livescan systems for booking criminals and analysis. Demand is sharply rising throughout the world. The ID 2500 is a unique FBI certified full hand scanner with a 10-fingerprint livescan system and console that meets and exceeds customer needs. The ID 2500s curved platen enables the capture of the elusive palm pocket as well as the ability to capture one full hand image and the other hands writers palm image at the same time, saving valuable time in high volume booking environments. The platen also enables the capture of more image data than any other full hand scanner available.

Download ID 2500 Product Brochure (187 KB - PDF)


  • FBI IQS Appendix F Certified

  • National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) image standards

  • Meets 500 and 1000 Pixels Per Inch requirements

  • Captures the elusive "pocket" of the palm

  • Captures the full hand in one image with no stitching of multiple images

  • Flat fingerprints captured in the full hand print image are used for sequence checking of the fingerprints rolled on the accompanying 10-print ID 1000 or ID 500 livescan systems

  • Automatic adjustable platen height console for ease of image capture

  • Automated calibration to ensure image integrity

  • Captures more image area - greater than 5.5 x 8 NIST standard - 90 square inches total

  • Large image area enables for the first time the capture of the minutiae area between the thumb and index finger

  • The ID 2500 is still extremely easy to use. Operators simply place a subject's hand on the platen without having to prepare the hand with oil or water or move the hand on the platen at a specific system dictated speed

  • Current Cross Match ID 1000 and ID 500 customers can easily upgrade to the ID 2500 using their existing scanner and with no expensive integration work or replacement of 10 print scanners



System Components   ID 2500 scanner, ID 500 or ID 1000, Livescan Management Software, Dell Desktop with MS Windows XP, 3.2 GHz Pentium P4, 2.0 GB memory, 120 GB hard drive, 17" flat screen monitor, IEEE Firewire, Interface cable, power supply, Manual, Supply Kit, and height adjustable console

Fingerprints 10 finger flats and rolls

Palm Prints   Full hand print, writers palm, additional minutiae between thumb and index finger

Demographics All textual and numerical data (name, date of birth, gender, eye color) in fully flexible input screens with automatic validation for correctness, drop down lists for predefined entries and automatic import with optional demographics interface

Resolution   1000 and 500 PPI ? 5 pixels in X and Y axis

Active Image Area 90 sq inch conical platen; 1.5" x 1.6" (38 mm x 41 mm) roll area; 2.0" x 3.2" (51 mm x 81 mm) flats area if integrated with ID 1000; 2.05" x 3.6" (52.1 mm x 91. 4 mm) if integrated with ID 500

Dynamic Range   8 bits, 256 grayscale

Image Certification
CJIS-RS-0010 (V7) Appendix F certification

Output (Digital)
  IEEE 1394 FireWire, Ethernet output of the system to an AFIS (FTP, SMTP)

Power   115 VAC 10A, 14 minutes battery backup, 480 joules surge protection

Operating Temperature Range   35? F to 100? F  (2? C to 38? C)

Humidity Range   10-90% non-condensing, splash-resistant

Weight   400 lbs (180 kg) fully equipped

Dimensions   27" deep x 31" wide x 44" height, power adjustable from 39" to 49"

Data Transmission   Produces ANSI/NIST compliant Electronic Fingerprint Transmission (EFT) files and card format; Communications: TCP/IP, LAN, NFS, FTP, SMTP email and VPN

Agency Listings   FCC

Components Unique to this system   Curved platen, 90 sq in image size

Optional Components   Touch screen display, e-signature pad, mug shot camera kit, mug shot printer, FBI certified card printer, ruggedized monitor mount, monitor protection screen, and splash shield


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