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Ten-Print Livescan System

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At a Glance

Criminal bookings and job applicant background checks are the impetus for many biometric identification installations. Cross Match Technologies, Inc. delivers revolutionary livescan systems for any size deployment – leading the industry with innovative solutions.

ID 500 is a portable ten-print scanner, which automatically senses finger placement and captures digital fingerprint images. Law enforcement, private organizations and government agencies find the ID 500 to be an excellent choice for security and screening systems requiring a portable scanning solution.

With an integrated touch screen panel and intuitive roll features, the ID 500 guides users through the fingerprinting process. The system emulates the natural action of rolling ink on paper – allowing for quick and easy deployment within any installation.

Livescan Management Software assesses fingerprint quality and provides users with a preview of the image in real time. User-friendly screens, pull-down menus and a built-in help utility make it easy to capture forensic-quality images that adhere to FBI guidelines. An optional built-in magnetic stripe reader captures demographic data from driver’s licenses – adding flexibility to the system.

Weighing just 11.5 pounds, the durable and compact ID 500 has an integrated handle and platen cover, making this system an ideal choice for a myriad of security and biometric identity installations.

Download Icon Download ID 500 Product Brochure (166 KB - PDF)

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        >  ID 500 System Features

  • Image Clarity: High-quality image capture – regardless of stains on fingers from ink, dyes, grease or dirt, and overcomes dry and hard to print fingers.

  • Patent-Pending Silicone Membranes: Low-cost, easy-to-replace silicone membranes enhance the ridge patterns of difficult to fingerprint individuals, enabling the capture of smudge-free prints and reducing wear on glass platen surface.

  • Halo Effect Elimination: The heated platen eliminates the effect of condensation or "halos" from the placement of warm or moist hands on a cold glass platen.

  • Self Diagnostics and Automated Calibration Tools: Embedded software ensures the highest level of image integrity and prolongs the overall product lifecycle. The system includes automated calibration to ensure compliance with the FBI image quality specifications and the International Association of Identification (IAI) standards.


        >  ID 500 Software Features

  • ANSI/NIST Compliant: Produces ANSI/NIST Compliant Electronic Fingerprint Transmission (EFT) files and Card Format.

  • WSQ Compression: Supports standard WSQ compression, mug shot and signature capture.

  • Historical Reporting: Provides historical and statistical records for all EFT records and submissions.

  • AFIS Compliant: Interfaces with all major AFIS systems.

  • Communications: Supports TCP/IP, LAN, NFS, FTP, SMTP e-mail and VPN.


        >  ID 500 Configurations

  • Desktop System: ID 500 scanner; Livescan Management System (LSMS) software; Dell Desktop PC; Windows XP Professional operating system; 15" color monitor; keyboard; mouse.

  • Portable System: ID 500 scanner; LSMS software; Dell Laptop PC with integrated 14.1" monitor; keyboard; Windows XP Professional operating system.

  • System Options: Fingerprint card printers; Card scanners; Digital camera kit; Signature pad; Demographics import/export interface; AFIS interface; Child ID software.


       > ID 500 Specifications

Resolution   500 dpi +/- 5 pixels in X and Y Axis

Active Image Area

2.05" x 3.60" (52.1mm x 91.4mm)

Dynamic Range   8 bits, 256 grayscale

Image Certification
CJIS-RS-0010(V7) Appendix F certification

Output (Digital)

Power   12VDC @ 1 Amp (12 Watts)

Operating Temperature Range   35?F to 100?F (2?C to 38?C)

Humidity Range   10-90% non-condensing, splash-resistant

Weight   11.5 lbs (5.2 kg)

Dimensions    6.7" x 15.9" x 10.3" (170 mm x 404 mm x 262 mm)

Internal Magnetic Card Reader   AAMVA / ANSI 7811-5 compliant 3 track

Integrated Touch Screen Display   4.77" x 3.68" (121.2 mm x 93.5 mm)
320 x 240 dots

Agency Listings   UL, FCC, CE


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