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Compact, Rapid Capture, Dual Use Criminal and
Applicant Livescan and Fingerprint Enrollment System
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At a Glance

Biometric screening and identity solutions are critical components of todays security installations, making them a vital aspect of maintaining national safety. Cross Match Technologies provides award-winning solutions for large- and small-scale government and corporate security implementations. An industry leader, Cross Match not only introduced mobile fingerprint scanners to the marketplace, but was the first provider of ten-print livescan systems to answer customers needs for a smaller, cost-effective solution.

L SCAN Guardian is the first compact, mobile, ten-print capture scanner system to meet the U.S. governments stringent biometric standards. Guardian is designed for rapid forensic-quality fingerprint capture, which qualified it for the FBIs Integrated Automated Fingerprint Identification System (IAFIS) Appendix F certification for electronic fingerprint transmission.

Unique features, such as patent-pending auto capture capability and Perfect Roll? technology, allow foolproof fingerprint acquisition positioning Guardian as an excellent choice for high-volume processing environments.

Combining visionary products with a global presence, Cross Match delivers high levels of customer satisfaction and support; as such, it is the solution provider of choice for many of the worlds most sophisticated security installations.

Download L SCAN GUARDIAN Product Brochure (182 KB - PDF)


         Guardian Specifications

  • Image quality complies with FBIs IAFIS Appendix F specification

  • FBI certified for both civil ID flats and full criminal ten-print rolls and flats

  • Certified for use with or without Cross Matchs patent-pending silicone membrane technology

  • 3.2" x 3.0" (81 mm x 76 mm), single prism, single imager, uniform capture area

  • 500 ppi resolution

  • Operating temperature 35?F to 120?F (1.6?C to 49?C)

  • Humidity range 10-90% non-condensing; splash-resistant

  • Factory calibrated and sealed, with automatic IQS Wizard? self test/diagnostics at start-up.


        Guardian Deck Features

  • Dimensions 6" x 6" x 4.7" (152 mm x 152 mm x 120 mm)

  • Weight 4.0 lbs. (1.8 kg)

  • Sealed, rugged case with high tolerance for shock and vibration

  • Rubber overmold for sure handling and shock absorption

  • Countertop mounting bracket

  • Also available with USB 2.0 interface

  • Lighted platen power status indicator

  • Green illuminated pictograms guide the user through image capture

  • Auto capture feedback through four LED lights indicating image quality

  • Heated platen to eliminate condensation and halo effect

  • Single cable IEEE 1394 interface for data and power, 400 Mbits/s speed, OHCI compliant no separate power supply needed

  • Accepts standard security cable

  • Optional ambient light shield for use in direct sunlight


         Guardian Firmware Features

  • Auto capture of flat fingerprints without an operator

  • Filters and rejects residual ghost fingerprint images using Perfect Image? technology

  • Perfect Roll? for rolled fingerprint acquisition, either direction, any speed

  • IQS Wizard? technology ensures Guardian continues to operate within IQS specifications

  • Guardian firmware can be updated through the IEEE 1394 port.


         Guardian Software Optional Features

  • Fully supported by Cross Match application software solutions for law enforcement criminal bookings, as well as government and civilian background checks

  • Segmentation of flats into discrete single fingerprint images

  • Fingerprint sequence check in rolled and slaps acquisition workflow

  • Image quality check.


         Guardian Benefits

  • First livescan device to meet the size and functional requirements of the U.S. Government Joint Agency User Group

  • Intuitive system requires little training

  • Ergonomically friendly design, tailored for attended and unattended use

  • Easy to understand pictograms and fully automatic image capture

  • Instant quality check feedback to the user

  • The illumination techniqure allows the capture of high-quality images regardless of skin color and age

  • Auto capture of left and right hands, and both thumbs, in under 15 seconds

  • Ultra lightweight and portable for use in Jump Kits and portable travel cases

  • Convenient, detachable handle for positioning Guardian to accommodate special needs

  • Fits securely on a six-inch counter.


         Silicone Membrane Features

  • Enables exceptional fingerprint image quality

  • Provides significant ridge definition, particularly on dry skin

  • Protects Guardian platen from accidental damage

  • Requires less finger pressure, producing less ridge distortion

  • Eliminates slippage on rolled prints

  • Extended lifetime

  • Inexpensive, fast and simple to replace.


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