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Rugged, Compact, Lightweight System for Harsh, Remote Environments for Fingerprint Biometrics Enrollment
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  At a Glance

Biometric screening and identity solutions are visible and important components of security installations worldwide. Cross Match Technologies provides award-winning solutions for large- and small-scale government, military and corporate security implementations. Cross Match continues to lead the industry by addressing customers requests for smaller, more cost-effective livescan solutions.

L SCAN Guardian R is a compact and durable ten-print capture scanner optimized for use in diverse, harsh locales. Guardian R is designed for rapid forensic-quality fingerprint capture and meets the highest U.S. government standards. When powered by battery, the system is easy to position making it an ideal choice for remote operational environments.

Unique features, such as patent-pending auto capture capability and Perfect Roll? technology, allow foolproof fingerprint acquisition positioning Guardian as an excellent choice for high-volume processing environments.

Cross Match combines visionary products with a global presence and delivers high levels of customer satisfaction and support. It is the solution provider of choice for many of the worlds most sophisticated security installations.

Download L SCAN GUARDIAN R Product Brochure (164 KB - PDF)

         Guardian R Specifications

  • Image quality complies with FBI specification EFTS Appendix F

  • FBI certified for both civil ID flats and full criminal ten-print rolls and flats

  • Certified for use with or without Cross Matchs patent-pending silicone membrane technology

  • 3.2 x 3.0 inch, single prism, single imager, uniform capture area

  • 500 ppi resolution

  • Operating temperature 35?F to 120?F (1.6?C to 49?C)

  • Humidity range 10-90% non-condensing; sealed protection against low pressure jets of water from all directions

  • Factory calibrated and sealed, with automatic self-test/diagnostics at start-up.


         Guardian R Deck Features

  • Dimensions 6 x 6 x 5.1 inches (152 x 152 x 130 mm)

  • Weight approximately 5 lbs. (2.3 kg)

  • Sealed, metal case meets IP65 standard against water and dust intrusion

  • Shielded platen for use in outdoor ambient light conditions

  • Heavy-duty handle for easy carrying and manual deployment

  • Indicators for power and status

  • Green illuminated pictograms guide the user through image capture

  • Auto capture feedback through four LED lights indicating image quality

  • Heated platen to eliminate condensation and halo effect

  • Available in GRIDS Jump Kit for field deployable ID Management Solutions

  • Standard USB 2.0 interface, high speed 480 Mbits/s

  • Includes two additional USB 2.0 ports for pass through (hub) use, including IP68 rated connectors

  • Optional ambient light shield for use in direct sunlight.


        Guardian R Firmware Features

  • Auto Capture of flat fingerprints without an operator

  • Filters and rejects residual ghost fingerprint images using Perfect Image?

  • Perfect Roll? for rolled fingerprint acquisition, either direction, any speed

  • Guardian R firmware can be updated through the USB 2.0 port.


         Guardian R Optional Software Features

  • Fully supported by Cross Match application software solutions for law enforcement criminal bookings, as well as military field uses

  • Segmentation of flats into discrete single fingerprint images

  • Fingerprint sequence check in rolled and slaps acquisition workflow

  • New FAST SDK available for quick, accurate implementation of fingerprint capture into any software application.


         Guardian R Benefits

  • Ergonomic design, tailored for field use

  • First livescan device to meet the size and functional requirements of the U.S. Government Joint Agency User Group

  • Intuitive system requires little training

  • Ergonomically friendly design, tailored for field use

  • Easy to understand pictograms and fully automatic image capture

  • Instant quality check feedback to the user

  • The illumination technique allows the capture of high-quality images regardless of skin color and age.

  • Auto capture of left and right hands, and both thumbs, in under 15 seconds

  • Ultra lightweight and portable for use in GRIDS Jump Kits and portable travel cases

  • Convenient, adjustable handle for positioning Guardian R to accommodate special needs.


         Silicone Membrane Features

  • Enables exceptional fingerprint image quality

  • Provides significant ridge definition, particularly on dry skin

  • Protects Guardian R platen from accidental damage

  • Requires less finger pressure, producing less ridge distortion

  • Eliminates slippage on rolled prints

  • Extended lifetime

  • Inexpensive, fast and simple to replace.


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