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At a Glance

Biometric Data Array - Powerful and reliable solution for collecting storing and forwarding fingerprint records in real time.

Transfer Center and Print Server - Centralized Store and Forward Server for livescan fingerprint record submission to an AFIS and printing.

Print Center - High volume collection and printing of fingerprint records from livescan systems.

       >  Biometric Data Array

Increasing legislation is resulting in greater volumes of biometric data. Powerful and reliable solutions are needed to manage this data. The Biometric Data Array was specifically designed to conveniently collect, bundle and forward biometric data streams in real-time. Data processing can be customized to a variety of individual user needs. Archiving, searching, modifying and displaying the data - this high performance device makes all of these processes efficient and easy.

The automated, event, time and condition controlled background programs for the data processing are readily configurable. This enables the user to define an almost unlimited number of parallel running tasks. Due to the easy scalability of the hardware and software, the Biometric Data Array can be integrated into your specific IT infrastructure, completely hassle-free.


  • Processes biometric data: receive, forward, view, and print

  • Storage in high-end database

  • Supports multiple submission protocols

  • Highly scaleable and flexible

  • Advanced graphical user interface

  • Data is accessed via browser - no browser plug-in required

Download Biometric Data Array Spec Brochure (322 KB - PDF)


       >  LS1 Transfer Center and Print Server

The LS1 Transfer Center is the appropriate solution for centralized Store and Forward functionality in complex fingerprint systems. It connects to the Cross Match livescan devices in the field, and controls the submission to the central AFIS site. In addition, it allows the ability to print out livescan fingerprint data on paper, with flexible formats. Everything works with event logging in the background, so that system administrators have the full overview of what they have received, forwarded and printed.


  • Standard Compliant Input File Formats: The print station accepts any ANSI/NIST compliant ten print record dataset as input. Connected to the sending side via a network, one print station can serve several livescan systems.

  • Flexible Printing of Different Card Designs: The card print station can generate virtually any fingerprint card design and print it in high quality. The most popular cards are included as standard FBI criminal, FBI applicant, and Interpol cards.

  • Single and Double Side Printing: By selecting the according print format, the operator can print on either single or double sides.

  • Standard Compliant Grayscale Print Quality: Since grayscale information is essential for the clear visibility of all details of the fingerprint, such as edge structure, pores and continuity, the Cross Match livescan print station produces crisp and clear printouts with certified grayscale dynamic.

  • Supports Multiple Printers in a Network: The print station can be configured to support as many printers as required. Printers may be installed locally to the print server or remotely, and the number of printers is not limited by design.

  • Complete Control Over All Running Print Jobs: Especially for central sites where incoming records from remote livescan systems have to be printed, the powerful job control feature of the Cross Match livescan print station allows the operator to handle changing priorities of print jobs, stop jobs and proceed jobs.


       >  Print Center

Fingerprint and demographic data captured by multiple Cross Match livescan systems in the field are sent over computer networks, such as a WAN or secure Internet, to a central site and are received there by the Print Center. At the receiving input side a high performance Store & Forward server controls the printing of all records on multiple printers, connected in cluster mode, to achieve a fault tolerance and productive print-out on standard or customized forms.


  • Fault tolerant architecture ensures maximum availability and reliability

  • Scalable to fit exactly to the workload and performance needs

  • Configurable to support multiple printers and multiple print servers, working in parallel

  • Central handling of received NIST data records, with automatic event logging

Download Print Center Spec Sheet (146 KB - PDF)


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